One Of The Main Industries Being Serviced With These Patented Balls

By | February 6, 2018

The industrial balls in question are, in actual fact, being used by a wide range of industries, specifically in agri-processing, energy production and the military industrial complex. It is also being used quite extensively in the mining industries. One mining/energy segment that has made extensive use of the patented frac balls is that of the shale gas industry. The balls were specifically designed and manufactured for down hole use.

The so-called frac balls are necessarily dissolvable. This is also compatible within shale formations where fracturing pressures are particularly low. To produce the effectiveness of this dissolving process, an ongoing collaboration with chemical manufacturers is necessary. This mining industry has been contentious, and continues to be so, in light of concerns over the degradation of affected and surrounding environments.

frac balls

Nevertheless, the ongoing collaborations are working towards finding new solutions to service different conditions with a long term view towards reducing the impact on the environment. Clinical testing strives towards creating the correct temperatures that are conducive to maintaining the frac balls’ strength. Atomized powders are being used to assist with and counter problems associated with wear and tear.

Alongside of the patented frac balls, is the manufacture of billets, coated balls and tubulars. APT powder manufacturing and consolidation techniques are continuously used alongside the design of what is termed as degrading layered metals that are able to withstand pressures in excess of 60,000 psi. While the hunt for new shale gas reserves will remain in force, alternative industries will be utilizing the technology outlined here to find precious reserves of underground water in dryer than average areas where long term droughts are threatening the overall security of these and surrounding regions.

The drilling processes using these technologies need to be carefully managed by qualified professionals.